Specialized Fitness


Who we are: 

ELEMENTAL is a specialty fitness and lifestyle practice designing comprehensive solutions for athletes.

The professionals under the ELEMENTAL roof focus on you as a total human and we are seeking to optimize that. If you are on our performance package, you’ll eventually work with all of us.

What to expect: 

ELEMENTAL will “undress” your habits and help you ingrain new ones. We mastermind your unique recipe of fueling needs, a well-developed mental game, a comprehensive training curriculum, and complete your program with tools to maximize recovery and manage injury. ELEMENTAL achieves this through tight integration of forward-thinking professionals that have chosen to work on our team. When you train at ELEMENTAL, you are trained by our whole team to assure you excel beyond what you thought possible.

What we expect from you:

  • A commitment to our process.
  • Trust in our skill set.
  • An open mindset to our methodologies and willingness to work with our whole team.
  • A mutual understanding that you are not here to just work you out, rather to progress your complete needs and optimize you as a person.

Our isolate to integrate method relies on movement drills that leaves you feeling stronger, more capable, and more connected to your body all while creating an unavoidable pool of sweat guided by the intensity of your output. We break our process down into three segments:

Joint Mobility
& Strength

Our first focus is on the quality of your joints–shoulders, hips, knees…

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ankles, spine and yes–your big toe. (It’s important too!). Here we assess the quality of these movements in all directions and identify areas of opportunity to improve. This is 90% of the battle when it comes to progressing you forward in a safe and effective way. We get your joints moving smoothly, fluidly and without pain. We then give you greater range of motion in these areas and make sure you have the strength and control to maintain it. Our focus is based on the personal outcomes you have for yourself.

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Fundamental Movement Pattern Quality

Once you have mastered your joints your brain must learn how to use your…

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newly found mobility and strength together as a unit. We will work on integrating your rotational patterns with your flexion and extension patterns in order to achieve quality movement.

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High Level “Athletic” Movement Quality

Reaching high level athletic movement quality is much like building…

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a house. You have to have a strong foundation to get here. Most of the athletes we encounter–whether recreational or competitive–don’t have this. Their movement quality is low which sets them up for injury. In the first two phases we’ve honed in to your neuropathways the very isolated movement drills required to be at this level. Now you are ready to put together these patterns into your desired sport and to do it free of injury and restriction. Whether your goal is rock climbing, skiing, basketball, baseball, pickleball, dance, gymnastics martial arts or tennis, crossfit or OrangeTheory, you’re ready to incorporate high level mechanics in a very dynamic integration. Once you complete this phase you now have the knowledge and foundation to keep yourself injury free in whatever physical activity you choose.

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This is for our pre and postnatal mamas who need the same specialized…

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attention but in a slightly different way. It’s no secret, our bodies go through quite a bit of trauma during pregnancy and require the same amount of attention as any other injury to the body in order to restore it to full functionality.

Believe it or not–there is so much that the breath can do to help you restore this area of your body. Our focus is on your breath, connecting it to the muscles in your pelvic floor and to close the gap on your stomach from the tearing of the abdominal wall during pregnancy. (Also known as diastasis recti). Don’t worry–we’ll get you to run and jump again without peeing. And yes–this is normal for many women so our conversations around this area of your body is just as normal as helping you gain shoulder, leg or core strength!

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We partner with a variety of corporate businesses in order to bring our methodologies to their workforce. Our philosophies are tailored to the needs of the workforce in order to improve health and wellness amongst the entire organization. This service uses the HiveFit method, bringing our personalized fitness, done together, to a corporate setting. Nutrition, classes, competitive challenges and personalized homework are all part of the package that can be implemented right away in your business and can be done on a virtual platform. We have helped companies significantly cut the obesity rates within their organization, establish healthier lifestyle habits and ultimately reduce health care costs across the board. The best part? They had fun doing it in the process! Inquire for more information.