Our Practice


Who we are: 

ELEMENTAL is a specialty fitness and lifestyle practice. We design comprehensive wellness solutions for the everyday fitness enthusiast, as well as athletes seeking to optimize their performance.

What to expect: 

The professionals under the ELEMENTAL roof are here to make sure you reach your goals. We are experts on standby ready to address your nutritional needs, manage injuries, aid in workout recovery, improve mobility, and assist in your overall strength goals.

What we expect from you:

  • A commitment to our process.
  • Trust in our skill set.
  • An open mindset to our methodologies and willingness to work with our whole team.
  • A mutual understanding that you are not here to just work you out, rather to progress your complete needs and optimize you as a person.

Improve Mobility

Get your joints moving smoothly, fluidly and without pain. See your spine, hips and shoulders move easier and watch your favorite sport or pastime improve as a result!

Gain Strength

We use a variety of conventional and unconventional tools and methods to improve your strength. Clubs, Steel Maces, kettlebells and traditional weights will all be part of your experience. You will leave feeling stronger, more capable, and more connected to your body.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Are you here to up your game? Our sports performance division is on standby to help you be more competitive–and we have all the right equipment to get you there!

Recover Well Post-Natal

This is for our pre and postnatal mamas who need the same specialized attention but in a slightly different way. It’s no secret, our bodies go through quite a bit of trauma during pregnancy and require the same amount of attention as any other injury to the body in order to restore it to full functionality.

Movement Modalities

What we use and offer: 

The Gyrotonic Method

Functional Range Assessment

Strength & Conditioning

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Classical Pilates

Animal Flow

Functional Range Conditioning