Athlete Development

4 sessions per month: $200
Unlimited sessions each month: $250
Second Child Unlimited sessions: $175

Our sports performance program trains athletes from the inside out, focusing on both your physical abilities and your mental performance. We use a variety of smart technology to track your power, strength and agility in real time. You’ll participate in a variety of mental exercises that teaches you to stay laser focused under stressful situations. Does your sport require eye-hand coordination? Your reaction time can be the difference between winning and losing and we’ve got what you need to be faster and more reactive on the court.

Don’t let your recovery be an afterthought. Complete your training cycle with an icebath, Normatec Boots, assisted stretch or massage.

Whether you are a competitive high school tennis player, or you’ve been golfing for 40 years, our sports performance program is designed for the athlete, both young and seasoned.

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