Our Tribe

I’m Jessica


Why is fitness my life’s work?

Because of the dopamine, the adrenaline rush of achieving and helping others attain confidence. I live for that feeling. My purpose is to heal the body, to awaken the spirit and to uncover the self-assured you that lives within. Weaving together my personal and professional practice, I provide life-long health lessons.

I string together a custom practice that leads to a sexier version of people…

Re-training the human body to get back to the basics of pain-free movement. When you train with me, I require that you check your masquerade at the door. Let vulnerability take over. Be okay being exposed. I know I am. But be confident in the fact that this is a journey we will share together.

Bottom line: I work with others to teach the brilliance of the body and mind from the inside-out.

Call me Chris

I’m known as The Nutrition Wizard And Strength & Performance Stud at ELEMENTAL.

My focus is Power and High-Level Athletic Performance.

Anyone heard of the IndyCar Race Team?

I’m the originator of their Fitness Programs. I take on the strong-minded to steer them in the direction of strength gains and lean muscle mass.

Restoring the sense of play in workouts and retrofitting the bodies of those I work with.

Ultimately pushing the notion that Balance is Key.

My name is Steph

Mobility and Movement Coach at ELEMENTAL.

I introduce the process. Cultivate commitment. Transform doubt into success.

I change the minds and unhealthy habits of those willing to learn.

Movement is my medicine.

Development is my end-game.

Establishment of a higher-self is the result.

I’m known as Nyah

Strength and conditioning coach at ELEMENTAL

Qualified more than most to train strength & power

Why? My approach is more advanced than the typical “lift heavy” method that you get at other gyms.

Instead, I train smart. Compounding on stretching, strength, and recovery methods to produce and retain insane gains!

Training experience: National competitor in Olympic Weightlifting, specifically the snatch and clean & jerk, with a background in 14 years of competitive gymnastics.

Training philosophy: Lean into the challenge, because improved skill set and confidence are on the other side!

Coaching motivation: The face of a successful client who hesitated to master movement.