Animal Flow Clinic


Beginning January 24th through Tuesday, February 28th.

Tuesday evenings: 6:00pm

Workshop: 75 min | 6 weeks

Instructor: Stephanie Ralston



During this workshop, Steph Ralston will introduce you to beginner level Animal Flow movements and flows. You will experience movement in multiple planes and walk away from the workshop with increased body awareness. With a dedicated practice, participants will see improvements in coordination, power, flexibility, strength and mobility while having fun! This “workout” quickly becomes play.

Animal Flow is a ground-based, body weight movement practice made up of 6 components:

  1. Wrist mobilities
  2. Muscle Activations
  3. Form Specific Stretches
  4. Traveling Forms
  5. Switches and Transitions
  6. Flows

This type of movement has been compared to a combination of gymnastics, yoga and breakdance.