Street Dance with 31Svn Dance Academy


Beginning Tuesdays @ 5:30pm beginning April 19th

Every Thursday: 5:30pm

Duration: 75 min class

Workshop: 6 weeks



Join us as we partner with 31Svn Street Dance Academy for this fun, new way to learn to move your body. In this 6-week workshop, you’ll learn a blend of break dance and poppin’.

In the first three weeks, you’ll join 31Svn owner Seoul, and begin to understand music, and breakin’ technique, gaining a foundation that you are able to build your own unique style upon. You will learn fundamental movements to advanced combinations, and build both performance, battle, and cypher rounds to help you learn how to express yourself through your own individual style.

The following three weeks you’ll get a taste of “poppin” with Nimbus: Popping is a Funk style dance that allows you to express your creative side through hits, isolations, tuts, waves and more. This fundamentals class teaches you the mechanics needed to understand the movements, and the ideas behind combinations and putting these multiple styles together.